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Omega 3 Fish Oil Treats for Dogs – Allergy and Itch Relief – Dietary Supplement for Skin and Coat – Joint Health – Salmon Oil

  • Natural Omega 3 Salmon Oil for Dogs – Produced with pure salmon fish oil, these chewable supplements are packed with essential omega 3 6 9 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), vitamins and minerals. The chew is a good alternative to liquid fish oil and can be used with regular pet food and other products (like probiotics, multivitamin medications, etc.)
  • Dietary supplement for itching, skin and coat relief: With a high content of omega fatty acid (at 500 mg per serving), these anti-itch bites help your pet with dry skin and hot spots, reduce itchy, irritated, sensitive and flaky, stops shedding, promotes hair growth and healthy, soft and shiny hair.
  • ALLERGY RELIEF AND HIP & JOINT HEALTH COMBINED - In addition to relieving various types of allergies and skin symptoms (like scratching, leaking paws, etc.), these omega dog treats also work to support hip and joint health, boost mobility and energy, support the immune system, heart and brain function, teeth and dental health.
  • GREAT VALUE - 180 Treats Per Jar - You'll get a huge jar with 180 omega dog treats, which will provide up to 4 months of chewy treats. Made in the USA, our product contains no soy, corn, dairy or sugar.
  • All Breeds, Ages and Sizes: Treats are suitable for dogs of all breeds, from small Yorkshire to large retriever, all ages from puppy to senior dogs. We've also made sure your canine friend will love the taste and will look forward to the treatment, unlike pills, tablets or capsules.

Fish oil

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