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Premium Petit Races is a 100% natural and complete diet, developed over the past ten years and reviewed by an agronomist expert in animal nutrition (see employee page)

Ingredients: mechanically boneless chicken meat, beef meat, whole herring fish, chicken liver, beef liver, beef heart, fresh vegetables (beets, carrots,) or dehydrated apples, organic seaweed, ground flax seeds, alphaalpha, seaweed organic marine, zinc proteinate, vitamin K supplement, iron proteinate, manganese proteinate

  This food is formulated to meet the nutritional profile standards established by AAFCO for growing puppies and adult dogs.


Premium Small Breed 12lbs

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  • Nutritional analyzes (guaranteed analysis per 100 g)

    Crude protein: min 16%

              Fat: min 9.0%

          Humidity: max 65%

        Crude fiber: max 2%

                PH: max 1.6%

                Ca: min 1.2%

            Calories: min 142 k cal / 100 g


    WARNING :  All of our recipes are made with fresh ingredients, fit for human consumption, but our recipes are suitable for animal consumption only. The meals were designed to meet the nutritional levels of a dog from 4 weeks old. The recommended daily ration is approximately 2-3% of the dog's weight (adult) and may vary from dog to dog. Consider the activity level and age of your dog. Puppies as well as pregnant or lactating females should eat between 4 and 6% of their weight per day. The product may contain beets and change the color of urine in animals. Wash your hands before and after serving food.

    NOTE :  It is important not to mix the two types of food in the same meal, as raw food is digested quickly while cooked food is long and difficult for the dog to digest. For an adult dog, you must make him undertake a 24-hour fast with unlimited water and start with meals of thawed meat for at least a week, then you can give him frozen or semi-frozen meals. to help him clean his teeth. Fasting does not apply to puppies or pregnant females.

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